Virtual Reality Demonstrator of an Advanced Boiling Reactor


This feasibility study presents an overview of the development of a prototype HMD-based VR demonstration of an ABWR facility. The demonstration aims to present to the user 3D simulations of how an Advanced Boiling Water Reactor looks like, and eventually how it works. By providing this immersive demonstration, users can learn about this technology, its significance, explore the facility virtually and learn about the potential of nuclear power in an immersive, interactive and highly engaging manner. The prototype was designed from the outset to be extensible and adaptable to include additional information in the future, such as data-driven informational annotations and immersive visual analytics. The feasibility study demonstrated the ease and flexibility of modern game engines and VR interfaces, in prototyping a VR simulator, intended as a for demonstration tool for an ABWR. However, it also highlighted the need for high-quality 3D models of the elements of the reactor that are to be depicted, in enhance immersion and realism of depiction. Moreover, if any informational overlays are to be used, in conjunction with the 3D information, these need to be sourced from informative and accurate datasets, that would accompany the aforementioned 3D models. Finally, as the set-up used in this effort is not mobile, and outreach activities would benefit from such mobility, we have started exploring the development of a Web-based, mobile solution that uses a simpler, highly-portable infrastructure.




P. D. Ritsos and J. C. Roberts, “Virtual Reality Demonstrator of an Advanced Boiling Reactor,” Bangor University, Technical Report, 2018.


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