Panagiotis D. Ritsos

MEng PhD Essex, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Visualization

XReality, Visualization and
Analytics (XRVA) Lab

Visualization, Data, Modelling and
Graphics (VDMG) research group,

School of Computer Science
and Engineering,

Bangor University,
Dean Street, Bangor,
Gwynedd, UK, LL57 1UT

MDPI Informatics Special Issue on Ubiquitous and Immersive Analytics

I am guest editor on the MDPI Special Issue on Immersive and Ubiquitous Analytics. The issue’s brief is as follows:

MDPI Special Issue on Immersive and Ubiquitous Analytics

Our thirst to find new ways to process and make sense of our data grows stronger and stronger. Data are pervading every part of our lives, driving our decision making, our forecasting and in many ways our day-to-day activities. At the same time, the pervasiveness of consumer-grade interfaces such as smartphones and smartwatches had profoundly changed how, when, and where we access and use information. In addition, the recent emergence of affordable interfaces, such as head-mounted displays, has democratized the development of immersive applications, which in the past were often restricted in research laboratories. Interaction paradigms such as mixed and virtual reality and ubiquitous computing offer many opportunities for presenting data in ways that are specific, timely, and suitable for the context of the decision that needs to be made at that time. As we seek to make use of data-driven decisions more frequently, and in a variety of scenarios, our reliance on omnipresent and in situ data presentations will increase. Within this theme, this Special Issue seeks contributions that provide an insight into the current state of the art of “Ubiquitous and Immersive Analytics”. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Applications, interaction techniques, and evaluation methods for ubiquitous and/or immersive analytics
  • Libraries, toolkits, and prototyping tools for data-driven XR
  • Collaborative data-driven immersive and/or ubiquitous visualization environments
  • Data-driven storytelling in XR and/or in ubiquitous visualization environments
  • Cross-device communications and techniques for supporting beyond-the-desktop and immersive data exploration and analysis
  • Multisensory, physical, and tangible data representation

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