Journal paper accepted in Computer Graphics Forum

Situated Analytics with Handheld AR

Our paper “Evaluating View Management for Situated Visualization in Web-based Handheld AR” has been accepted for publication in Computer Graphics Forum, and was presented at EuroVis 2023. In this paper, we (1) present an analysis of the properties and challenges of view management for situated visualizations in Augmented Reality (AR), (2) revisit existing techniques from the domains of computer graphics, Virtual Reality (VR), and visualization, and (3) evaluate implementations of interaction, layout, and presentation of some of those techniques, accessible in web-based handheld AR.


A. Batch, S. Shin, J. Liu, P. W. S. Butcher, P. D. Ritsos, and N. Elmqvist, “Evaluating View Management for Situated Visualization in Web-based Handheld AR,” Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 349–360, Jun. 2023. As visualization makes the leap to mobile and situated settings, where data is increasingly integrated with the physical world using mixed reality, there is a corresponding need for effectively managing the immersed user’s view of situated visualizations. In this paper we present an analysis of view management techniques for situated 3D visualizations in handheld augmented reality: a shadowbox, a world-in-miniature metaphor, and an interactive tour. We validate these view management solutions through a concrete implementation of all techniques within a situated visualization framework built using a web-based augmented reality visualization toolkit, and present results from a user study in augmented reality accessed using handheld mobile devices.
[Abstract]   [Details]   [PDF]   [doi:10.1111/cgf.14835]   [Presented at EG EuroVis 2023]